I am so excited to introduce my newest online group coaching program -

Resilience Made Easy!

This is the program for women who wants to stop feeling overwhelmed about life responsibilities, expectations, and relationships.

This is the program that will help you navigate your trigger of stress with ease and develop strategy to cope when you reach the plateau of stress.

You will feel confident even when life throws you a curve ball.

You will feel in control even when there seems to be no other way out.

You will be able to handle conflicts better and still get your points across without hurting anyone.

You will know how to listen to your heart and making the right decision.

You will have a better relationship with your spouse, children, family members, colleagues, friends.

You will even be able to teach the skill of resilience to your children.

The best part is you will be able to get all that right before the Xmas holidays!

This means you will get the support from the group and myself as you are getting ready for the family events.

This means you will have the skills to handle the holiday stress like a champ with so much support!

So here I introduce to you

 Resilience Made Easy Online Group Coaching Program

Date & Time : Dec 01 (Saturday) at 10 am-11am EST,

                        Dec 06 (Thursday) at 7pm-8pm EST,

                         Dec 13 (Thursday) at 7pm-8pm EST,

                       Dec 20 (Thursday) at 7pm-8pm EST

This is not a pre-recorded program. Each session is happening live.

I will be giving you exercise/homework to do so you get additional support from me if you submit them within the deadline.

Each session will be recorded so in case you cannot be with us live, you won't miss out!

Now comes the real sweet news.....

Resilience Made Easy is only one payment $333 CAD or 4 payments of $88 CAD!!

But for the action takers, it's now only one payment of $222CAD or 4 payments of $60CAD until Wednesday Nov 28 at 11:59pm EST.

Are you in?


*the payment plan: first payment is charged at the time of signing up. The remaining payments are due 24 hours prior to each subsequent session.

*Quality assurance: if after the first session, you don't think this is the right program for you, you can write to me with the reasons and the completed homework to ask for a refund of the remaining sessions (the cost of first session will not be refunded). I need to receive your request for refund prior to the second session. No refund will be given after the second session is in progress.

Still got more questions? Talk to me :)