Hello, my name is Sunny!

I am a seeker, learner and go-getter. I think change is a good thing and life lessons are gold- when I eventually learned the lessons!

Born and raised in Taichung, Taiwan, I moved to Canada when I was 18 years old. Growing up, I've always had a very weak immune system and got sick in every flu season and before every major exam. I had struggled with being overweight, had poor digestion and bad skin in addition to constantly being told I was not good enough which had led me down to the path of anxiety, and depression. 

When I was in university pursing a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Nutrition, my father was diagnosed with cancer. Then I quickly found out how little my formal education could help my dad. Meanwhile, my own health was going downhill from the high stress job and demanding school work. On the outside I was doing well: studying at one of the best dietetic programs in Canada while working at the job that my peers could only dream of and I had the financial freedom from working almost full time hours. But I was not well inside. I had difficulty coping with my emotions and struggled with both mental and physical health issues. So I began to learn about holistic healing and eventually went back to school studying Applied Holistic Nutrition the same year my father passed away from cancer. It was also the same year I left my good paying supervisory position at a hospital and transitioned into teaching while starting my coaching practice on the side. But I was not happy. I had no direction with my career and felt unfulfilled. Even though my clients were getting results, I still felt something was missing. I then spent years to learn about who I am and my purpose. I took herbal medicine making course, learned more about energy medicine, and got certified as a level 2 Reiki practitioner. Then I started to meditate and write journals. I learned to trust myself and began to heal. I then found out about NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and became a certified Master practitioner in NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Mental and Emotional Release®. As magical as it sounds, my life was completely transformed during the training and I got the clarity I desperately looked for in less than a day.  I feel like I am having a brand new life where everything is clear and possible. 

All of my life lessons have made me who I am. All the struggles and healing I went through helped me become a better coach. Now it's your turn to get the clarity you need to achieve success in business and life.