Give Me Clarity 1:1 Coaching Program


Are you stressed about who the heck should you serve in your business that you are losing sleep over it?

Have you done building that ideal client avatar exercise and trying to define your why MULTIPLE TIMES and still DIDN'T FEEL RIGHT? Are you worried that it may take you forever to get that clarity?

Those business gurus kept on telling you that you need to find your niche or you will never have a successful thriving business. So you tried all the different ways they have suggested but still feel confused and MORE stressed?

That was me not too long ago.

I used to have so much resentment and felt underappreciated working at the jobs that many people wish they had. My parents would brag about my achievement but deep down inside, I hated my life.

When I finally got enough courage to start my own nutrition practice, I struggled with the direction of my business.

I did the build your ideal client avatar exercises multiple times and also tried to narrow down my wide range of interests in the effort to find who to serve, but I was getting no where. In fact, I was getting more stressed and anxious about my future.

Heck I even meditated daily and try to redefine my why and hoping that would give me a solid answer. That still didn't work.

Even though my clients were getting the results they wanted, I just wasn't feeling fulfilled. 

I started to hesitate when people ask if I do nutrition counselling. I avoided talking about my practice or I would keep the conversation very short.

Eventually, my business hit the rock bottom. I felt ashamed, anxious and stuck. I felt like a failure. 

Then I discovered life coaching.

I learned that as long as you are holding onto your baggage, limiting beliefs (that I didn't even know I had after so many daily affirmations I went through), you can't see your truth.

It's like your inner guide is talking to you but you have your head in the water.

See the thing is we can't see, tell, or feel our own limitations because we are our limitations. 

If you could see your own blind spot, then it wouldn't be the blind spot.

This is the reason why you need a coach to help you.

A coach who went through the same experience and struggle and then overcame it.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein

I got the clarity I desperately searched for and the confidence to move forward. I have a road map to my desired future and it brings me SO MUCH JOY and Peace!

And guess what? It took LESS THAN 12 HOURS and it wasn't even hard!

Now I make it my mission to help you to get the clarity you need to be successful so I created this program!

  •  8 weeks (11 hours) to have the clarity to success
  • 1:1 LIVE coaching with me
  • Align your career/business with your values
  • Your limiting beliefs and negative emotions will be released
  • You are going to have so much clarity for your career
  • We will create the road map to your desired future
  • I will coach and support you to implement the steps to success
  • All other areas of your life will also improve as the side effect

I've seen so many talented, passionate Nutrition and health coaches give up on their dream of running their own practice because they didn't have the clarity to define their ideal clients to have a profitable practice.

You don't need to be one of them.

ONLY 10 Spots available

You can make more money but you cannot make more time.

Now is the time to get the clarity to success that YOU DESERVE.

You are worthy of the investment.

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