Tips on setting boundaries with your clients

Very often than not, I hear coaches said that they don't know what to do when their clients don't follow through on an instruction, don't show up on time or wanting to haggle on their service fee or guilt trip them into doing more than they had agreed to.


If this is how you feel, please know that this is not an uncommon struggle.

The root cause of those types of struggle is the lack of boundaries.


Boundary setting is such an important step to have a great relationship in all areas of life and yet many people don't know where to start or how to implement it.


Here are the three tips to get you start on setting boundaries.


1.      Draft an service agreement/contract


In the agreement, besides listing the basic stuff like the name, price and the length of service. You should include what the client can expect you to deliver and what you expect the client to behave. Remember, coaching is a "do-with" process, so the client needs to be informed that they have responsibility to fulfil during the time you work together. Send the contract to the client before your first session and have them read and sign.


2.      Make sure you understand exactly what they want from your service.


This is not as obvious as it sounds.

For example, if you are a nutrition coach and your client hired you for weight loss, don't assume they are interested in hearing what you have to say about mindset changing. Some people just want to pay for the meal plan and move on. You need to understand what they want from you so you don't want time on giving them what they are NOT READY TO CHANGE. When you try to tell someone things they are not ready to do, they are not going to hear you. No matter how bad you think they need the information. You will just lose a client because people hate to be sold.


3.      Know your worth and OWN IT.


Listen coaches, just because some other people are telling you to charge a certain amount, it doesn't mean that's the right amount for you and your ideal client. It's totally up to your comfort level and understand the value you deliver. Typically, the more impact you can make on someone's life, the higher the value it is.  Before you go and tell people how much you charge, you should ask yourself how you feel about the price. If you hear yourself saying "well, I know it's a bit lower than I want, but I think this is what people are comfortable of paying," then you need to find out if that's the price YOU are comfortable to pay or that is the price REFLECTING on the impact you make. Perhaps you have some self-worth issues that you need to work through first. People make a purchasing decision based on what they VALUE, not the price tag, especially, with the coaching services.

I hope you find those three tips helpful. I welcome any additional comments you may have.

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