Are you motivated or inspired?

The other day I was working on my proposal for motivational speaking opportunity, then I started to ask myself: "Do I want to motivate someone or inspire someone?"

Motivation works by using words to push you towards where the speakers want you go. Inspiration works by creating a vision that is align with your value so you want to take action even if you are not motivated.

For example, many people are not excited to go to work, so they have to find some reason to motivate themselves to go. If you can't find a strong enough reason to push you to go work, then you are going to feel stressed and miserable because there is an internal conflict. Inspiration works differently. Someone may be inspired to be the best coach of your industry because you once received the coaching session that changed your life.

 Motivation works like daily affirmations. You need to keep doing it to receive the benefit. If you don't address the underline cause of why you need to be motivated to do something all the time, then it's only the matter of time that you feel like you are lying to yourself. On the other hand, if you are inspired to do the things you are going to accomplish, motivation works beautifully to get you going when you are hit with obstacles.