Coaches and consultants, is your business making you the money that you desire?

First of all, let me say this out loud: Stop treating your business like a charity or hobby! Heck, even the charities know that they need to run it like a business if they want to be around for another year. So if your business is not making enough to pay for the bills, then you are doing something wrong. And it's solely your responsibility as a business owner to do everything you can to change that red to black.

Now I am going to assume that if your are reading this post, mostly likely that you are not making as much money as you desire. The actual number figure is not relevant, it's what you desire that matters.

Do you know that self-improvement or personal development industry is a billion dollar industry, well 9.9 billion to be exact in just US along? Within that, the health care coaching takes whopping 6 billion dollars share in just US along.

And if you look at every success coach/consultant who is making the income that you dream of, you would see they all have one thing in common. They are laser focused on serving their ideal clients. No, it's not the quantity you need, it's the quality. This is the same reason why specialist doctors charge more money than general practitioners and see less patients. Just like the marketing and business gurus said you need to know your niche. Finding your niche is absolutely crucial to get you on the right path. Number one, it saves you time and money to keep up with all the learning and researching. Number two, it's less stressful to figure out what to say in your promotional materials and resources. Number three, it's way easier to mater one niche so you can save on your prep time or if you are new to the industry, it will get you to the master level way faster. When you are at the master level,  you can charge master rate.

Have you heard about building your client avatar exercise or have one yourself? How did that work out for you? Well, it didn't work for me at all after I had done it with different business/marketing/mentor experts.


Because this shouldn't be the first step in defining your ideal client process.

Finding your ideal client is like finding your tribe. They are the people not only will allow you to lead them but also will make you feel like you belong. You are excited to learn about them and helping them. They trust and honor you. In order to find your tribe, you must know who you are. You must have your clarity. In order to have your clarity, you must know what is true to you and what is not. In other words, what are you beliefs and values. Among those beliefs and values, how many are actually true and how many of them are not. For example, the feeling of worthiness and enough. Do you truly believe that you are worthy of prosperity? Or do you believe it's not right to charge people money who are already suffering? Many people, in particularly holistic health professions and energy healing field, have a really tough time to accept that they can make a certain amount of money from helping people. That is a money block that needs to be released if you really want to be able to live a decent life while helping others. Based on my experience of working with clients and my own clarity breakthrough, your values change before and after you release all the limiting beliefs and blocks. So, in order to know what you truly values and be aligned with it, you've got to release the emotional and mental baggage.

I've seen and heard many sad stories on how many talented, passionate health and wellness coaches couldn't make enough profit to generate the income they need to sustain their life. They gave up because they couldn't see another way. They convince themselves that it's not meant to be and that's just how the industry is.

That's because they don't have the clarity to know who they are and where they belong. Not because they are not good enough or not worthy of the success. Until you get this, no amount of business training will fulfill you.

If this is what you are having issue with, the clarity coaching program is for you. I am not just selling you the coaching services, I am providing you with the concrete solution to the biggest block of your career. If you are ready for your clarity, I would love to work with you. Feel free to contact me for more details.


To your clarity and success,