An Open Letter to All Multi-Passionate Coaches and Professionals

Dear ones,

Many of you have expressed your frustrations on not knowing what to do when you have more than one gifts that you want to help the world with.

You feel that you are torn to choose between your passions and that hinder your ability to grow a thriving business and feel fulfilled at the same time.

It doesn't need to be this way. If fact, it is NOT how things work.

All of your talents, passions are designed to work together to help you fulfill your life purpose. You have more than one because you need more than one to fulfill your purpose.

We are all born with all the tools and blessings we need to fulfill our life purpose, because that is why we are here. You may have misplaced the user manual on one of your tools somewhere in your unconscious mind, it's not gone.

What you need to do before you consider how you can share your gifts to the world is to know who needs it. This is what I refer to as finding your tribes.

People in your tribe will need you to lead them by using all the tools and gifts you've got. It's the place where you feel you belong. Leading and serving your tribe should make you feel fulfilled and you have all the confidence you need on the direction you heading.

You must know who you truly are before you can find your tribe.

You must know your strengths, skills, values and life experiences.

You must know what you want in life and have a clear vision on that.

You must know why people want to come to you and what you can offer them.

Once you have the answers to those questions, then you can work on who you want to serve.

I promise you will find all the right answers within you. You just need to ask and then listen.

You can and you will shine with multiple passion of yours. It's a beautiful blessing!


To your best life,