What you choose to feed your mind becomes your truth

There was no violent news being reported from the Caribana Grande Parade this year in Toronto.

For those of you that are not familiar with Caribana, it's the Caribbean festival that are held every first weekend of August in Toronto. In the past, the event was being labelled as where the gun shot happens. I am sure there are more about the event than the random violent act, but because that's what the news media talked about so for people who have never participated in the parade, that's what they would label the event with. However, if you talked to the people who have physically being a part of the festival, they would tell you how amazing the experience it was.

See, the truth is that there is always two sides of every story. I called it story because that's the selected information that our mind tells us to believe based on how we see the world. Have you ever got into a heated argument and then the person you had the argument with started to tell their side of story to other people and that is completely, well in your opinion, NOT TRUE? We all see things from our own perspective of the world and many times we forget that there are more to the story.

News media works the same. It only reports half of the whole story that has been filtered through their value system based on what they think would attract more viewers. Unfortunately, most of the times, they chose to report news that would sparks more fire. The stories that trigger anger, sadness and resentment. Why? Because those are the most powerful emotions that can get people to react. If you chose to believe what you see on the news is the only truth, and you let that in day after day, it becomes a repeated pattern and then gets to be stored in your unconscious mind just like the daily affirmations. It becomes your view of the world and in order to feel safe, you will put yourself in the environment that agrees with what you believe. But this becomes a problem when what you believe is not getting you towards the life you desire.

So you need to set your boundaries, and don't just let the media feed you what they think you need. Instead, you are going to choose what you allow coming into your thought.