Life challenges are inevitable. The struggle to thrive through them doesn’t have to be.


Hi! My name is Sunny Miller. I am the life coach who specializes in happiness :)

I've been offering life advice long before I realized what I did was called life coaching. People just like coming to me for advice when something is bothering them. Ironically, I got into life coaching business by accident.

About two years ago, I was a clinical nutrition consultant who was unhappy with my career. Even though my clients were getting the results they wanted, I was not happy with my practice. I felt something was missing. I started to experience anxiety and insomnia. I couldn't promote my business because I didn't think I was in the right state to serve my clients. I felt so helpless. So I went on the self-discovery journey. I've tried various healing modalities and attended different trainings but nothing helped permanently. It may sound cliché to you but my life completely changed when I discovered NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming. I received my very first breakthrough session in my Master Practitioner training in NLP. It helped me to get rid of my mental and emotional baggage and gave me the clarity to create the vision for the future MY HEART DESIRE. Most importantly, I feel aligned with my life purpose.

Today, I am so blessed to be able to help people internationally to regain their happiness and peace. My technique is so effective that I've been able to successfully help people overcome depression, OCD, relationship issues, and marital problems. Most of my clients noticed the immediate change that last right after our first session. As I witness the improvement of my clients, I see the purpose of my life. I combine the tools I learned from NLP, Nutrition and Hypnotherapy to provide the most comprehensive coaching session.

Have you been to other therapy session and didn't get the result you hoped for? Majority of my clients came to me from other therapy sessions. And I am glad to say, I didn't disappoint them!

It’s safe for you to let go of your struggle. Your best life starts now.

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